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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

S.O.P.A & other various rants

Tomorrow we (the anti SOPA ~ non military government people) will be observing internet silence.
Jan 18th 2012 from 8am-8pm (est)


This is going to be painful for me!
Worth it though

If S.O.P.A goes through we all may be singing "This will be the day that I die".

So obviously I won't be posting on any of my blogs tomorrow 
so that means I need to get it all out there today!
(before they censor me & all of my content - because you know they would!)
As for PIPA ~ really you think that's going to stop all the music videos & game shares?
You do know that the majority of the ones sharing are the people who WRITE computer programs...
so they can also HACK them if they want...

Two stay at home mama's side by side
This link goes through how much the average stay at home mama is worth - Click HERE
They average about 96,000 a year.
I deducted all of the things I don't normally do, as well as the ones I do badly and I am amazing enough still worth about 70,000 a year!
Woot! Woot!
In case you were wondering I did add in a HUGE nice tidy sum under the category of NURSE.
allergist & asthma/air expert.


Being Green in the "Old" days
Some say that its all our parents and the older generations fault for our issues with enviroment
and some of it is
Nuclear power plants - coal power plants
strip mining & not caring about any form of eco balance thus endangering thousands of animals and plants like the rain forest.
However they were BIG things - things that could be seen and addressed.
In the little things, well life was simpler back then and a lot less Instant Gratification.

The next bit is very odd to me and I really don't understand why anyone would do this 
However, I do like to post warnings SO
If (for whatever asinine reason) you use Bath Salt Injections
you need to STOP
As for the medical reason (I know I don't need a medical reason why not to do this either) 
people who have taken said LEGAL injections have also developed Flesh Eating Disease.

The funniest post I have read this year!
(so far)
Its titled "Not enough Ketchup in the World"
I agree
It sights lists of "hit new food trends" for 2012.
I commented on her blog saying that IF I was interviewing those people I would say

Really yes our foodies like new and exotic
Yes we are in a budget conscious age
I don't think we are that desperate
we do have cheap foods like Mac N' Cheese and Spaghetti to live off of if we are really desperate.
Beans... A diet of only beans would be better!
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