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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year - New You!

My friend Falling Off a High-Heeled Life recommended this weekly Wednesday Workshop (please click link to join)

This is for all the women who have put off taking care of themselves - allowing themselves to be worn down, worn out and frazzled (sounds familiar? Yeah me too).
Most likely I will read it on Wednesday - think about it - and post it on Thursday. Allowing myself time to REALLY think about it, not just off the top of my head, quick fix, quick answer, fast track mode that I normally do in life.

Week One: List 3 changes in each of the following categories that you would like to work toward in 2012

1. Lose weight (I have been working on this for quite some time)
2. Fix hair more often
3. Care for my nails and skin more

1. Calm down - Stop stressing!
2. Find a happy zone
3. Let go of anger and hurt

1. Read my bible more
2. Pray more
3. Listen more

Just recognizing the things you want to change is a huge step.

For those that have been following my blog for some time - you are familiar with "My Path to Me". Where this summer I finally started taking care of me.
After years of caring for my husband (and his many illnesses), my daughter with her Asthma and many allergies and my son with his mama issues.
This summer I started taking care of me. No longer putting off my issues "waiting until I had more time, money" or the ever popular, "when things calm down".

If you don't take time now you, your family and your friends are ALL losing out! I put off taking care of my needs FAR too long!
I have dim memories of dirty rooms, dirty children, piled up dishes and extreme tiredness.
This Christmas was the Best EVER!!!
Or at least ever since my Mama died.

My children didn't get a ton of toys, lots of candy or huge parties. However, this year they got mama, awake, happy and energetic!
I had the energy to put up Christmas decorations and make cookies with my kids.
We had cuddle times, laughter and hugs.
My memories are no longer dim and foggy. I took the time this summer - only a few months - and I am already so much better then I have been for almost 7 years!

Each woman deserves to find her own Path to Me. You can join this one and be apart of a group - or go it alone - just don't stop walking!

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Evelyn said...

That's awesome...good for you! I'm going to check out that blog and try to work on things in my life too. Thanks for posting and motivating me!

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