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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Abacus and Homeschool

This year has been a first in so many ways this is our first official year homeschooling - last year I schooled her in Kindergarten work just to see how well we could work together. In Utah they would not place her in school until this year and now we are officially homeschooling her in first grade work.
To help with her math we wanted her to be able to use an abacus but have you ever tried to buy an abacus?
$30.00 for a bunch of beads and some wood hahahaha yeah right we went to our local hard ware store got some small wood and dowels along with some beads spent about $5.00 and now have an extra supply of beads for crafting and my little girl has a nice abacus that will last for several years. (pictured above)
And I don't care how smart someone's first grader is they will not need to count past one thousand for any of their homework :)

Still walking 5 days a week still losing weight a little bit at a time, however I have more energy and drive then I have in years.
It feels good to be able to play and chase the kids and not feel like a bloated blimp that needs to rest all the time.

Sorry so short but time is money and I have lots to do. Everyone have a great night!


Art by Dawn Marie said...

Wow, I never thought of using an abacus. She will be so smart.

Lisa said...

Do you think your children , in a home school setting would benifit from a pen pal? If you think they would, I would be happy to respond once or twice a month. Old fashion style ie: they hand write a page put in the mail, tell me some thing , ask me some thing I will respond. I have a background in education and 2 grown children would write with respect to your beliefs. If so I will forward address

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