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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ready for my Big Sis

Our guest bathroom is all ready

Gideon's room all ready for Big sis and hubby

What can I say? Its a small room - I have a small house as well

My girls room is clean as well :)

What a cutie putie!!

So every one here is excited about the family getting together. Mid sis came in on Sunday but I will see her tomorrow - she is staying with her grandma. Did I mention that mid sis is adopted and has two families?
Big sis comes in early tomorrow morning -- when I mean early I mean in about 3 hours from now :).
Yeah!!! Then our holidays begin! Hubby is still whisper perfect and is barely able to eat soft breads.

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TJ said...

Love is so much more important than a big house and it seems that your home is so inviting for the family. Hope you have a nice get-together.

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