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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Day Until Wil's Surgery

Our house all decked out and ready for Christmas! Along with my little cheeky girl that loves to be the center of attention. Thankfully we have such great neighbors that they are willing to watch the kids while Wil and I are at the hospital tomorrow.

This is our crazy Chinese Algae Eater we've had him 3 years I was on the phone today with my sick friend Margie when I noticed he was laying on three leaves about an inch off the bottom of the tank.
He looked so cute resting on his floating bed I decided to share it with every one in blog land.

Surgery -- Wil needs to be at the new hospital by 8:30 in the morning which I am kinda happy about since he can't eat the night before and waiting all day will start to test his will power. The surgery itself should be pretty short I can't imagine that it would go over an hour however we will see I am taking a very good book with me along with my trusty camera.

Funny Conversation with my 6 year old

"look mama Giddy can do the sign for green!"

Giddy then of course does the sign again to show me, papa gives him a green skittle for being a good boy.
Autumn then begs for a treat her papa of course hands her a different color, looking at the yellow skittle in her hand she of course does the right sign and then says " Thank you for the yeldoh one"
papa "what color?"
"say Yell OH"
"yell ohhh"
"now put them together"
I sigh and shake my head and say "keep at it".

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