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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Decorations Are Up!!

What a happy looking kid right!

So my living room is all pretty and sparkly - where you see the Joy and Snowflake that is where we will hang the stockings I can not put them up right now because my cutie putie Gideon (above) will pull them down.
No tree this year as we got the treadmill and no longer have room for the tree. That's ok I think that I can live without a tree this year.
We are still preparing for Wil's surgery on Thursday and still have a pretty long list.

I am also trying to finish another Christmas house by Thanksgiving however I am having alot of trouble with the color scheme. If I get it done this year I will post a picture.

Guess what our snow from yesterday is still on the ground!!! Its very amazing that it did not melt I am a little worried about how many more days I will get to walk outside with my neighbor before I am forced inside due to extreme weather.

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