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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movies, Cleaning and Organizing

So we cleaned all our VHS off our shelves, sorted and separated. Several hours later we have the shelves cleaned off and most of the VHS sorted into piles.

This is where I am going to put up our Christmas stocking's and decor for the holidays (stay turned will update with in a day or to with pictures)

This is the pile of VHS we are going to keep for now, the we can't live with out these movies and kids movies that we don't want to buy again.

These are the boxes of VHS that we gave to our next door neighbors I really hope they like them but we also told them if they don't like them that they could give them to a library, the DI or a hospital.
My feet hurt, I am dusty and very tired. Wil and I have also started cataloging our videos so we will know what movies we have, what they are rated ect.
I am still trying to clean up the home and decorate for Thanksgiving and my Sis's coming in.
Right now I am unwinding watching SG1 and waiting for my feet to stop hurting enough to take a shower however I may just give up and decide to take a bath instead a good soak sounds nice.
Not quite sure what we are going to clean tomorrow but I am sure something will be cleaned and hopefully I will get some of my Christmas items put up - I still need to buy a silver snowflake stocking holder for Gideon's Christmas sock however I think we can pick that up tomorrow while we are out taking Wil to the Dr.


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