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Monday, November 9, 2009

So I can't count... who cares?

Ok so I have a week and a half until the sis's come in.
Today Autumn learned the words: Stand & lamp. Yeah!!
Gideon practiced his sounds and slept a whole 3 hours in his own bed last night which of course is amazing!
We bought some new fishes for our fish tank and a light for our frog tank all in all they all seem very happy.
I got the guest bathroom clean today (which is amazing) and Autumn helped with cleaning the floor - pine sol is about the only cleaner I feel ok with her using.
but what is a mom to do? She needs to learn to clean and I need to not freak out about her using cleaners.
Which of course is not easy to do, she is 6 and wanting to be a big help while not paying that much attention.
My laundry is piling up and while I am trying to get it all folded and put away I would much rather be doing something else ... anything else.
Today we hit Savers and picked up another 8 books which just makes both Wil and I very very happy, one day when we have a new home I want a huge library.
We are just waiting now for Wil's doctor appointment on Wednesday to say if he needs stronger meds or if he needs his tonsils removed.
I am not quite sure which I want but he has been so sick this year I think getting his tonsils out would really help him stay working which we really need right now to be able to afford Christmas.

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