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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kids, Toys and Christmas

Ok its Christmas time again and once again as a mother I hit the stores trying to find the one cool toy that will make my children's heart's soar.
However after several days of looking both in stores and online I have more questions then answers

1) will any of these toys last a year?
2) will any of these toys be played with and loved for more then a month?
3) why am I thinking of buying them toys when they would rather play with my laundry basket?

At this point I have found several really cool very pricey toys but after thinking of the questions above they just don't cut it.
At this moment we are thinking of getting the kids musical items (drum set, guitars, key board ect) or cloths for Christmas and while this may sound boring at least my kids would have items that they would use and love for the whole year.
Of course they will still get a sock full of fun little toys but those are cheap and I don't expect the kids to play with them for a long period of time.
My question is when did it become so hard to find a quality toy for a decent price?

Our family is small and with out any support ( my husband only has a twin sister and we pay her phone and internet bills - my mother passed away and my father and step mother are good for 2 outfits a year) I am a stay at home mama in a mobile home and we have one car.
While we live with in our means finding decent toys that will last is becoming like the game hide and seek.
Yes I am ranting but seriously what happened to well made quality toys? I found in the store today several boy toys price ranged from 25-40$$ all of which looked like they would break into a hundred pieces if my son held one for more then 5 min.

So while I love Christmas time and the winter holidays this year is not one I am looking forward to.


TJ said...

You are very wise to think about gifts before purchasing - many don't. By any chance -is your little girl the one on YouTube that said the 23rd Psalm? If not, she looks so much like her. Your children are adorable. I would be glad to see your pictures of snow as we are wintering in Texas so we won't see the white stuff this year.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be back. TJ

Lisa said...

Your post does bring back memories.I am glad you are thinking this way.My kids now 21 and 24 and the Holidays they remember with the most fondness are not the Mall ones. My son still talks of the year he got a Tp.Made of wooden broom handles and a canvis tarp, I painted with"Indian signs" My daughter was pleased with bead kits and canning jars with pre measured mixes she could later bake.Rolling pins and cookie cutters are also gifts that keep giving.Consider making gift.

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