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Sunday, November 8, 2009

House Cleaning & Weight Loss

So my sisters are coming in 9 days (at least Big sis is I am unsure of mid sis's arrival date). I however am having a hard time cleaning and getting ready.
I am getting very excited to see my sisters again this will be the first time the three of us have been together in 2 1/2 years (since our family Disney get together) this is going to be a thanksgiving to remember.
Mid sis just moved and was released from the hospital (blood clots in her lungs) and big sis has lost over 20 pds in the last couple of months.
So we are all excited to get together and talk - the hard part is going to be who talks first!

I want to finish cleaning enough to do some Christmas decorating however unless I get started that won't happen.
What is not helping are my little monsters!!
Autumn three days ago decided to mix lotion and water and then paint her walls, bed and floor with the mix so instead of cleaning my home for visitors I am washing walls, sheets and scrubbing floors ... autumn lost all of her toys and learned how to clean carpet all in the same day!
She is now slowly earning her toys back and will learn how to clean her bathroom with me tomorrow.
My problem is how many more "issues" are the dastardly duo going to throw in my path over the next 9 days, not to mention that my husband is having tonsil issues and may have to have his tonsils removed.
How and when we don't know he has an appointment Wednesday with a ear, nose and throat specialist. Ironically he could have throat surgery right before Thanksgiving - Yeah!!

As for my weight loss I started at a 22 then dropped to an 18 (my last weight loss blog) I am now a size 14 besides eating less and healthier my neighbor and I are walking 5 days a week and have been for several months now.
I have more energy and feel better then I have in several years.
So I am more than half way to my goal weight and am getting very cold walking in the morning now, soon I won't be able to walk outside with my neighbor and I will have to stick to the treadmill by myself - which will be harder to do every day by myself.
However now that I have a pattern and I have alot more energy and drive I pray I will be able to continue working out on my own.
And that by next summer I will be at my goal of a size 6-8 with the energy and healthy life to maintain.

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Margie said...

You can do it! Keep at it 'cause you're doing great! And good luck with the house cleaning, I'm sure you'll finish everything you want to do.

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