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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Surgery

The picture is my husband yesterday helping our neighbors set up their new laptop posing with their cutie putie baby Samuel. At this moment he is back over there hooking up their internet to a wifi router.

Today was his Dr appointment and if you read the title of this blog what comes next won't surprise you - next Thursday Wil goes back under the knife. They are removing his tonsils and shaving down his Uvula, besides the fact that he has tonsillitis, and sleep apnea they also said that his tonsils, Uvula and something else I can't spell or say are abnormally large!
Great right? Yep married less then 8 years and going on surgery number 3! Don't get me wrong he's most definitely is the most perfect man in the whole world for me I just wish he didn't come in a broken body.
But I guess such perfection had to have a down side so failing body is what I get and trust me out of all the options out their I would take it over some of the other horror husband stories I have been told in the last several years.
They say he should be able to eat turkey by Thanksgiving his plate just might look like I was feeding a one year old (all tiny and cut up for those non parents out there).

The cleaning and the organizing took a down turn today when my very bored daughter decided to throw flour on her bedroom floor - again she lost her toys and this time I will have to go through her boxes and decide what to throw away. Which quite frankly is not hard she just loves to hold onto McDonald's toys, toys that are missing cloths and have had their hair pulled out this just gives me a legit reason to throw out the junk I wanted to anyway to clean up her closet.
Have I mentioned that I am having my sisters come in for Thanksgiving and that I am trying to clean my home?

Yes, that might also be why I am losing my mind however at least my husband should not lose his job for taking so much time off this year because of strep. Which I have been worried about.
He is also going on 4 days of losing his voice and still not being able to find it again - he really should work on that you know.


CarrieAnn said...

I've come close to getting my tonsils out, but I still have them. Tell Will I'm sending him get well wishes :)

Blessed Rain said...

Carrie Ann it won't let me link to your blog? if you have one here please let me know

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