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Friday, November 27, 2009

Soup Night

Big Sis
Mid sis and hubby (in back ground)
the kids
Dad and my step mom
Big sis's hubby and my little girl

Dad and Gideon having fun reading a book. Today was fun we woke up hit our favorite store got some things, and then watched "New Moon" - I have not read the books however both older sis's are fan's.
So now I am watching twilight for first time trying to make sense of this weird world.
However this is just not going to become my favorite but I will give it a try.

TJ - I will post and email the recipe sunday or monday when the family is out of town but I won't forget you.

1 comment:

TJ said...

Hi, thanks for the footnote on the recipe. That made me smile. Looks like a very loving family.

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