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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Car inspections & Shopping

Today we got our car emission and inspected (taxes as well) so we are now legal again! Yipee and who hooo one less thing one my list to do; second thing on my list accomplished was grocery shopping getting lots of soups and broth for my hubby to eat after his surgery.
However my baby sitter for the kids during Wil's surgery called today to tell me the good news - she's sick so I now need to beg my neighbor to stand ready as a stand by to take the kids for the day.
I just love surgeries - NOT!! I do however love Verizon this will be our second surgery and their insurance is amazing!
Any way the rest of today has been quiet, we watched movies and had good papa time I made turkey dinner for Wil as his dr. thinks he might be able be able to eat by Thanksgiving but is in no way sure.
Tomorrow will be another quite day all I have to do is pack Wil's over night bag and spend lots and lots of time with my hubby.
Please remember to pray for Wil and that all goes well with no complications.

Quote of the day, "This turkey comes from really good chicken." - My little Autumn

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Betsy said...

Hi! How nice to see you on my follower's list! I just had to come over and see who you were! A list-person, I see...just like me!
Hope your hubby's surgery goes smoothly. I prayed for him as I read through your latest posts.
I'll be back again! :)

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