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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Early this morning before I took the kids next door and Wil to the hospital the kids gave papa a last hug (Gideon crying the whole time)

Started on page one 3 hours later around page 112 or for those who follow clocks around noon surgery was over successful and they just wanted observe him and if there were any complications.

By 4 o'clock or page 241 & 3 magazines later he was discharged, we ran by a pharmacy and picked up his meds then came home and grabbed our babies!!
I am just so happy that Wil was able to come home tonight and not stay at the hospital, as well as happy that everything went well.
So my husband no longer has tonsils or his uvula weird right? I think so but then again I loved it every time Wil's oxygen level dropped under 90 (whenever he tried to rest/sleep) the machine would beep and wake him up. I could not stop laughing -- he was not to thrilled.

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