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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day!

The dastardly due are really big helpers and such great cooks!

(cracked wheat rolls)

(weight watchers pumpkin cheesecake)

Today's menu


Veggie tray
baked pita chips and spinach dip


Romain lettuce
dried cherries
dried cranberries
with home made oriental dressing

Main Menu:

Smoked Turkey
dressing (with celery, apple, dried cranberries & walnuts)
baked yams (butter and cinnamon)
relish (oranges & cranberries)
cajun broccoli
cracked wheat rolls


weight watchers pumpkin cheesecake (with whipped cream)

For the last several years our goal was to eat healthier with out losing flavor, we stick to keeping the food as pure as possible - less ingredients = purer healthier.

I can tell you dinner was great! Good food, times and the family all together. The pictures are of our day at grandma and grandpa's home.
Of course the whole day could not be just fairy tale wonderful - Gideon got very hyper playing with grandpa and broke his glasses then because he was over tired - over stimulated so after minor chastisement (very minor) and he started crying so hard that he threw up all over the floor, himself and then several times in the toilet after that of course we packed everything up and headed home.
I am just glad I always bring extra cloths for the kids when ever we go out for a long day.

So tomorrow we are ready for a big big day! While I really hate going shopping on "black friday" we have limited time for all of us to be together so we are planning on going to our favorite cooking store "Spoons and Spice" first thing in the morning. I really am hoping that they are not having any huge sales and that there will not be a huge crowd of people outside waiting to get in.
Here's hoping as this will be my first time shopping on black friday :)

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TJ said...

Sounds like you had a good time, except for the breakage of the glasses and the throwing up. It just makes for another memory. You'll laugh as the years go by, hopefully. Your menu looks great. Would you please share the WW cheesecake menu? We are trying to diet and having a hard time at it. My email address is: tj_hance@hotmail.com. Thanks.

I know what you mean by all the glorified houses... I look to get decorating idea's and move on. My life is very modest and I like it that way.

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